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Balin - Elbow Coil BodyBoard Leash -1.2m - blue

Balin - Elbow Coil BodyBoard Leash -1.2m - blue

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Balin Elbow Coil 1.2M Bodyboard Leash

Balin's bodyboard coil range has been designed to tackle some of the heaviest surf conditions around.  

  • Neoprene wrist strap
  • 7.0mm cord
  • 1.2m length 


Neoprene padded strap for comfort

For the story:



Our leashes have been tested in the great Southern ocean since 1974, Unique moulding technology / Stretch is strength / Designed in Australia

The first moulded end piece was invented and patented by Balin, in fact, the prototype was a cut down and remodelled skateboard wheel in 1979. Our moulding technology is unique to Balin. There are no 'slots' in our moulds. This means we can achieve a higher ratio of bonded surface area to weight, therefore the leash is stronger and lighter.

Balin leashes are respected for their extremely low return rate and are backed by full replacement warranty. 

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