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NKX Wide Surfskate Series - Olive

NKX Wide Surfskate Series - Olive

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NKX Wide Surfskate Series

The NKX Wide surfskates series is a collection of technical directional longboards, which are made to achieve the sumptuous surfer feeling on your longboarding trips. These are surfskates for everyone of all ages, both beginners and experienced skaters, who want to cruise on the paved waves with a quality skateboard from NKX.

The deck is designed as a directional tech-slide cruiser longboard with a medium concave. This means that you get superb traction when you push yourself forward, and that the longboard feels easy to turn and accurately follows your movements. Therefore, these surfskates are perfect for making carves and achieving the surfer feeling with. The concave also gives you a really good grip for the feet, so you stand firm and thereby get an even greater control of these longboards.
The material of these surfskate decks is made of 7 layers of Canadian maple. This material is a quality material for longboards and provides maximum durability, strength and rigidity. In short, a longboard that can hold a little of everything in the form of tricks and longer rides around the street or the skate park.
The angular wheels are of the size 69 mm, with a hardness of 78 A and ABEC-9 ball bearings. Together, all these features provide surfskates for precise maneuvers and cool freestyle tricks. As well as quality surfskates with fast acceleration and optimal preservation of speed.
The trucks are NKX's own surf truck, which is top mounted to provide good responsiveness and increase the stability of your rides. NKX surf trucks are of the highest quality and make it even easier to play with these longboards' ability to achieve the surfer feeling. So you can effortlessly throw yourself into endless surfing moves on your rides around town.

If you are into long cruiser rides, freestyle and can not get enough of asphalt surfing, then you will no doubt love one of these surfskates from the NKX Wide series.

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