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Checking the Surf

North Wales Top 10 Live Webcams - NorthWales.com

We all check the surf - if we are wanting to go - looking for an excuse not to go - or cant go and want to torture oursleves, we cant help it, we are obsessed with knowing what the surf is like at our local beach - even when 1000's of miles away from it!

Gone are the days of watching the bbc news just to catch the weather map at the end if it - gone is the true art of knowing the pressure maps with it - now just tap in a website look at the camera for todays surf or look at a prediction for the next 10 days to plan your week.

Ok - its not always right - looks can be decieving on cams, and forecasts can never be 100% accurate - But!  its getting more and more accurate , and most inacuracies are down to what we beleive is the actual surf size more than the information given.


So here are my top tips for getting to the surf on time!  its not that well investigated - just personal preferecne at this stage - I may well revisit this post after more investigation.


1.  magic seaweed

Atlantic bomb' could spark biggest ever waves on South West coasts ...

The site we all love to hate, love to laugh at it when its wrong etc etc - but I gaurentee we all still use it!!  its comprehensive - pretty acurate, and easy to use - and also has acces to a great number of webcams.  Still the go to site for the UK for planning your week.

About MSW

MSW is the oldest, most popular and most detailed free long range surf forecast on the web. Whether you're a travelling pro, big wave afficiando, local hero or weekend warrior, with a little effort you can use our tools to score more of the right waves across the globe. Every month 1.5 million surfers all over the world check MSW before they hit the beach.

MSW isn't about telling you where to go or when, instead providing you with the tools to become your own surf forecasting expert. With a little of your time and the help we provide you can accurately make the call wherever you choose to surf.

Our network of live human reporters update in real time, our forecasts update four times a day, and a decade of tweaking and tuning our data makes MSW both timely and accurate.

Trusted by contest directors from: Rip Curl, Quiksilver, Billabong, O'Neill, Roxy, Swatch and more for competitions ranging from showcase big wave events with long waiting periods, to hour-by-hour decisions for the ASP World Tour. Our data is used to plan for some of surfing's largest and most popular events.

Exactly the same tools used to make the call for the world's top surfers are available for free, right here and now for you.

MSW covers almost 3,000 beaches in 180 countries. After learning to forecast for your local break you can take MSW on your travels and get to the right spot at the right time wherever you may head. From the Mentawai Islands to Madagascar we've been there and fine-tuned the forecast.

Add in detailed Stormrider surf guide information, historic and seasonal conditions and hundreds of thousands of photos and MSW becomes an essential travel planning tool.


2.  Surf-forecast.com

Surf-Forecast.com surf forecast for Big Rock, Australia (Source ...

this is a pretty comprehensive site - covers the globe - but for the UK i find the best part of this is the little tool they have for telling you the spots with favourable conditions coming up in the next few days in your locality - or your country.  So planning your week and weekend surf trip is great with this without having to research everywhere.

It has even added a global big wave finder if you are truly nuts and have deep pockets and plenty of time!

it also has an easy to find webcam list full up to date surf data with your own eyes.


Surf-Forecast.com provides surf forecast and surf reports for over 7,000 of the world’s best surf spots. We also provide surfers, windsurfers & kitesurfers with wave maps, wind maps and a custom e-mail surf and wind alert system. Also check out the beach cams, wind forecast and our local Wave Finder before going surfing.


3.  gowerlive

GowerLive | Live surf webcams from Gower Peninsula, Swansea

This is my personal favourite - I check in here for langland numerous times a day!  its a great webcam on a great beach.  I can sit and watch waves for hours - so this cam is right up my street - great quality and great for wave watching - at certain tides you can also see surfing - its not always good enough for that but sometimes you can get lucky.


With all th extra surfing you will be doig after knowing where and when the surf will be - you may need some of the tings below!



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