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NKX kids 3-Pack Pro Protective Gear - black/pink

NKX kids 3-Pack Pro Protective Gear - black/pink

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NKX 3-Pack Pro Protective Gear

Everyone, both beginners and professionals, men and women, needs protection to keep themselves better protected when out giving all the crazy kinds of roller-sports a whirl. It doesn’t matter whether you’re more into skateboarding, roller-skating, BMX riding and/or with a fondness for some crazy riding on a stunt scooter. Everyone interested in these types of sports needs protection and more than just a helmet, everybody. Yes, at the very least use knee-pads, elbow-pads and wrist-guards too. But don’t you worry, ladies and gentlemen, you see, NKD prepared for this and collected their CE-certified protection gear in one sweet deal of a 3-pack. Where both a knee-pad, an elbow-pad and a wrist-guard are included. That’s like one of the greatest things ever, is it not? Sure is, guys and gals, sure is!

Moving on from the intro let us share with you the details as to why the NKD 3-Pack Pro Protective Gear is such a nice deal. First off, it’s high-end quality. Meaning you’ll get an incredibly sturdy knee-pad, a top-notch elbow-pad and a super stiff wrist-guard all in one. That’s just about all you need in one purchase. It doesn’t get any easier than that, folks. And right after, you’ll be back on track focusing your attention on improving your stunt scooter skills and your dope skating moves on the road.

Topping off the easement of this being a 3-Pack is going to be tough, but that sure haven’t stopped NKD before. Not in a million years, no. You see, we had this high-quality protective gear go through a long list of various tests. Of which both the knee-pad, the elbow-pad and the wrist-guard passed, making them among the best of the best when it comes to protective gear for roller-skater sports, as well as the more acrobatic rolling-sports. Doesn’t matter whether you’re more of skater chap or chick, a wild rider on scooters, a stunt loving mini BMX rider or quite the longboard lord or lady performing the craziest of stunts on the ramps in the parks. Doesn’t matter one bit.
Aside from the high-quality that all CE-certified protection gear has, it also means that the materials used to make the product poses no health hazards or risks to your well-being. At the same time for the NKD 3-Pack Pro Protective Gear, in particular, it also means that each pad and guard are ergonomically made and comfortable to wear. The closure method uses Velcro fasteners, which enables you to adjust the various sizes to better fit you. This makes it comfy and smart throughout usage as the knee- and elbow-pad along with the wrist-guard causes no irritation in form of pain and/or discomfort while out skating on the streets.

So, if you intend to head out and explore the sweet life on a skateboard, perform a few sick stunts on a stunt scooter or perhaps race the streets on your BMX bike. Well, then you really ought to get yourself equipped with the NKD 3-Pack Pro Protective Gear. Because as fun as all the many types of extreme sports on wheels are, the fun can only continue with you feeling great and not getting hurt all the time. So, keep yourself fully protected with some awesome, efficient and high-quality protective gear from NKD Sports!

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