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AMUSE society boulevard pant - light blue

AMUSE society boulevard pant - light blue

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boulevard pant

Amuse society ladies trousers form part of the Amuse clothing line and can be bought along with womens swimwear 

Amuse Society Boulevard Pant cuz street dreamz are made of these, BB! This sikk pants shows yer a little rougher on the edge than other bitchez, featuring a heavy distressed knees and hem that loves to get down n’ dirty. With a low rise skinny fit, these super stretchy pants loves to cup yer cheekz and hold onto them tight with their exposed zipper at the center. With welt pockets on the front and classik pockets on yer azz to hold whatever yer hiding, we wanna walk on yer bad side.

Product Details

  • 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane
  • Machine Wash Cold

Amuse Society is a fresh new brand, striving to bring life to the scene via a new young contemporary beach lifestyle brand. ... Perfect for the transition from street to beach.

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