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Annox Kids Change Robe - LS - yellow

Annox Kids Change Robe - LS - yellow

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Annox Kids Change Robe - LS

This long-sleeved Annox Kids Change Robe for children is of high quality and is super easy to take along. It can be used as a mobile changing room that also keeps your child warm and dry. The Annox Kids Change Robe is designed to withstand wear and tear from an active lifestyle, where different weather conditions like cold and strong winds are included. Therefore making it suitable for children that love water sports and casual fun on the beach in all kinds of weather.
However, your child should never wear a change robe in the water. It is a cloth that can keep them warm and dry while changing clothes or on land.

As a change robe that is both waterproof and windproof, with an outer material of 100% recycled nylon, your child gets a change robe for use all year round - even during winter. The inner material of synthetic lambswool, which consists of a combination of 51% acrylic and 49% recycled polyester, provides a change robe that keeps your child nice and warm. This material also makes it possible to use this Annox Kids Change Robe up to several times without it feeling cold or wet.
An ingenious feature this Annox Kids Change Robe has is a functional 2-way zipper that will make it easy for your child to put it on and off in no time.
In addition, this kids change robe also has deep pockets with plenty of space for various items such as a smart phone, keys, wallet, etc.
Furthermore, it is also possible to fit this children's change robe by using a velcro closure on the wrists. Both to make it fit your child better, but can also to keep their core temperature more effectively.

It is important to mention that these change robes for children are large in size, as the child should have plenty of room to change clothes while wearing it.

Keep your child or children dry and warm with one of these quality Annox Kids change robes!

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