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Deflow Adrien Toyon Pad - blue/black

Deflow Adrien Toyon Pad - blue/black

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Adrien Toyon Pad

Some surfers doubt, others have it clear. Adrien’s case is obviously the second. Few beers in front of la Grand Plage on a classic summer sunset. Long talks about surf, epic destination and dreams. “About dreams, I have always being dreaming about the perfect traction pad, but never found it on the market” he said. “Let’s do it” we answered.

And here we are: A three piece super soft and comfy pad that has, at the same time, a high kick and good surface to keep your foot in place. 40% angle 25mm kick tail, 8mm 11,5cm x 5,65cm central arch… this traction was made to perform.

Size: 12” x 12,3” / 30,5cm x 31,3cm

3 piece traction

4mm thick lightweight EVA

25mm tail kick

40° tail kick

8mm center arch

3M Adhesive

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