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Deflow Arin twin fins -full tab- cream

Deflow Arin twin fins -full tab- cream

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Made for speed. As it’s name suggests in the Basque language, this fin has being made for achieving extra speed in your twin fin and feeling it light and easy to turn.

Designed for high-performance twin fins (narrow and thin tails), this fin combines speed and drive for every kind of wave. The fin is taller and thinner than it’s older brother, the Duette, and a straighter outline offers extra speed. The concept of the upright template is to perform fast through directional changes.

If you normally ride thruster boards and you want to try something more loose, this fin is made for you.

Construction: Fiberglass

Feel: Upright

Flex: 2/5

BASE (mm) 117.01
HEIGHT (mm) 138.86
HEIGHT “ 5.46
RAKE 30.35
AREA 19.56
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