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Deflow Cream 9,75″ longboard fin - mustard

Deflow Cream 9,75″ longboard fin - mustard

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Cream 9,75″

Definitely one of our favourite fins, working perfectly with all type of boards and conditions.

Cream 9.75” model adds more performance and maneuverability than pivot fins. Stiff in the body, flex at the top, this fin will help you turn, but will let you go to the nose as easy as always. This fin has been made with love to enjoy classic longboarding.

Works perfectly on squaretail or pintail longboards. Best for small and mid-size waves.

Flex: Little


BASE (mm) 202.69
BASE “ 7.98
HEIGHT (mm) 247.65
HEIGHT “ 9.75
AREA 45.78
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