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Deflow Deadkooks Impulse 10" longboard fin

Deflow Deadkooks Impulse 10" longboard fin

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Eden Saul, founder of Dead Kooks, is one of Australia's most iconic shapers, making boards for some of the best surfers in the world with eye catching resin tints and paints. Dead Kooks x Deflow brings you two unique ending templates, Impulse and Future Utopia.


Designed as a suitable template for a wide range of surfers of varying sizes across boards from 9'0 upwards. This fin has ample base to give a reliable feeling when nose-riding, while maintaining area towards the tip to keep things tight and increase drive through turns. We wanted to keep flex to a minimum on this, as too much flex in a fin this size can lead to the washing off of speed through turns.


technical info

Base: 185mm / 7.28"

Height: 254mm / 10"

Flex: Stiff

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