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Deflow Erwin Bliss Tail Pad - white

Deflow Erwin Bliss Tail Pad - white

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Erwin Bliss Tail Pad

Inspired by the origins of the traction pads, we introduce you the new Erwin Bliss pad in white. Talented, passionate, and with a huge fixation on airs, Erwin shows us the surfing we have been missing for a long time. All in moves and full commitment on surfing. We have teamed up with him in order to bring you a fresh air on our traction pad range.


This 5 piece pad is unique in all it senses. It includes a bigger than our usual central arch, providing you extra traction for airs. Central piece includes horizontal thick lines, while the rest of the pieces are cubed.

Size: 11,8” x 14” / 30cm x 35,7cm

5 piece traction

3mm thick lightweight EVA

30mm tail kick

50° tail kick

7mm center arch

3M Adhesive

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