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Deflow INIGO AGOTE Twin fins

Deflow INIGO AGOTE Twin fins

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Inspired by the colors of the sunsets captured by I–igo, we created a fin replicating his iconic photos. Starting from deep blue (the ocean) we go all the way to a sunset red color to sunset yellow. Finally, the fin fades into a transparent/translucent area where you can see-through the fin. We emulate sunset spectrum from I–igo and allow you to put the fin between the sunset and yourself to see how light goes through and changes the color of the fin. I–igo Agote is a professional photographed based in San Sebastian specialized in water photography. During the last couple of years he has developed a unique water photography style, being the sunset light the key of his composition and color processing of it.

Front fin / Rear fin

Bottom: 123.3mm

Height: 137.2mm

Foil: Flat

Rake: 33/35

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