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Deflow LEGI ALONSO PAD - white

Deflow LEGI ALONSO PAD - white

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How difficult is to create a unique traction pad? We made this question to our amigo Legi Alonso and allowed him to bring us whatever idea he had in mind. This is the result of our collaboration, a traction pad that works perfectly, and that looks beautiful and unique in any board.
The tail is a bit thicker than most of our models, as it has being adapted to suit any normal shortboard. The central piece has a 6 mm central in order to give extra traction. Side pieces have been designed to hold your foot in place at any manoeuvre.


Size: 12.3” x 13.7” / 31.25cm x 35cm

5 piece traction

3mm thick lightweight EVA

35mm tail kick

50° tail kick

5mm center arch

3M Adhesive

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