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Deflow LEGI ALONSO - thruster fins

Deflow LEGI ALONSO - thruster fins

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From the beginning, we focused on creating agile, fast and very maneuverable fins in order to obtain an optimal product for the typical beachbreak conditions. For this reason, we based on the 'Supra' model structure, as it's flex is improves the absorption and adapts to any flat section that the wave may present. On the one hand, the side keels maintain a large size, as it is perfect when moving water and generating speed. In addition, it also helps maintain a perfect grip on the turns of 'rail'. On the other hand, the smaller center fin with a subtly accentuated curvature, give a greater dynamism in more varied wave range.

Front fin / Rear fin

Bottom: 117mm / 110.8mm

Height: 119.2mm / 113.3mm

Foil: Flat / 50-50

Rake: 35/39

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