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Deflow Supra Quattro medium - quad fins

Deflow Supra Quattro medium - quad fins

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We are more than proud of this final result. The Quad Version of one of our bestsellers, the Supra fin, has everything you're looking for on a fin. A great fin template for more drive and speed. The design of the rake is focused to enable surfers to control on open face waves long arc carvings. This template has plenty of base, which enables you to accelerate on drive bottom turns, but it refines it out to a thinner top for good release.

 Supra combines the Arcco template with a medium flex pattern, making this a versatile option to Arcco model. Designed to perform in a variety of conditions. A really lightweight fin with a notable flex.

Front Fin / Rear Fin

Base: 112.5mm / 100.4mm

Height: 117.4mm/104.2mm

Foil: Flat / 80-20

Rake: 33.4/ 33.4

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