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Ding all

Ding All - Standard Polyester repair kit

Ding All - Standard Polyester repair kit

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Ding All - Standard Polyester repair kit

#DA231 - 2 oz. 56 ml - Silmar Polyester Sanding Resin , Standard Ding Repair Kit
Ding All’s Original repair kit born in 1985 is still the Standard for most Polyester Ding
repairs. This kit contains Ultra Clear, Non-Yellowing, 250A Sanding resin, used in most
polyester surfboard construction, and a liquid hardener. The kit comes complete with
the following materials to allow an easy method for small to medium surfboard repairs.
Kit Includes:

  • 2oz. Sanding Resin Plus Hardener - 60 minute cure time at 77 degrees F.
  • 6” x 13” - 4 oz. Lightweight Fiberglass Cloth
  • 2 Sided Sanding Pad ( 1 x 80 grit and 1 x 120 grit)
  • Measuring Cup (Can be re-used by popping out hardened resin)
  • 3 x Mixing/Applicator Sticks
  • Clear Mylar Cover Sheet - Cover over small dings, peel off when hard.
  • Easy application instructions.


“Video Describing Differences between each Ding All and SunCure Repair Kits”





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