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G plugs

G Plugs - Swim and Surf "Pro acoustic"

G Plugs - Swim and Surf "Pro acoustic"

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G Plugs - Swim and Surf "Pro acoustic" earplugs


  • Pro Acoustic Design enables minimal hearing loss
  • Made from Soft and flexible, non porous material
  • Easy to clean, re use
  • Simple fitting and removal
  • Precision moulded to naturally fit the ear
  • One size
  • Designed to prevent over insertion
  • Skin colour for a subtle look, easy to find if dropped
  • Come with a handy lightweight carry case
  • No excess packaging keeping the cost of the product lower, and no waste.

As a fraction of the cost of some of the competitors, this product is priced to encourage water users to care about the health of their ears, without a large initial outlay.

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