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Da fin

Kicks Fins - Sisstr model / Aqua/Orange

Kicks Fins - Sisstr model / Aqua/Orange

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DaFiN Kicks Bodyboard Fins Sisstr

DaFiN Kicks fins are a versatile, user-friendly fin designed for fun in the ocean whether bodyboarding, swimming, snorkeling, or just playing in the surf. Kicks fins were designed by legendary Hawaii bodyboarder Aka Lyman by modifying the DaFiN design to a rounded blade with sloping side rails. Kicks are perfect for the drop-knee style of bodyboarding.
The perfect balance of comfort and power.
Fun for any water activity from swimming to bodyboarding.
Fins float in salt water.
Lightweight and great for travel.
Fins can be worn on either foot.
Made with quality, natural rubber.

Both DaFiN and Kicks are manufactured in Malaysia. The factory specialises in the production of swim fins for many different brands and is the largest manufacturer of swim fins in the country.
DaFiN fins are made of high grade all natural Malaysian rubber. Malaysia produces 70% of the world’s supply of natural rubber and the factory has direct access to the highest grade natural rubber available.
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