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NKX Explorer Fiberglass SUP Paddle- black

NKX Explorer Fiberglass SUP Paddle- black

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NKX Explorer Fiberglass SUP Paddle

NKX Explorer is a 3-piece all-round SUP paddle for everyone, both beginners and more experienced paddleboarders. The paddle can be used for a bit of everything within SUP surfing - such as exploratory touring or minor race trips, but is also just for general fun with family or friends.

As a paddle in a 3-piece design, you can adjust the paddle to fit your needs and your height. A rule of thumb is that the length of your SUP paddle should be between 10-20 cm longer than your total height. This can easily be found using the measurements marked along the top of this paddle.
The material for NKX Explorer is fiberglass. This is a super stiff and light material with a great longevity. In addition, the material also contributes to a responsive paddle, which provides powerful and strong pulls in the water.
The design of the handle is ergonomic so that your hands are not strained after several hours of use, when you are out with your SUP board.
And the close and locking system for the paddle also tightens well, so that the paddle's stiffness is not reduced by your moves with the NKX Explorer paddle.

Do you want to go out and explore the waters of nature, and enjoy cozy times with the family, friends and your SUP - then you will love the NKX Explorer the next time you go out paddleboarding.

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