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Phix doctor

Phix Doctor Small Polyester Repair Kit 2.5.oz

Phix Doctor Small Polyester Repair Kit 2.5.oz

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Small Polyester Repair Kit 2.5.oz


Phix Doctor’s Polyester Ding Repair Kits have more resin than the competition.  Stocked with premium Silmar resin, gloves, q-cell, dual grit sanding pad, plenty of fiberglass and more.  Packaged responsibly using paper instead of plastic wherever possible for the lowest impact to environment.  Reduce your environmental impact with earth friendly kraft paper biodegradable outer box and low impact flex style resin containers. Flexible packaging has more preferable environmental attributes for carbon impact, fossil fuel usage, water usage, product-to-package ratio, as well as material to landfill, when compared to other package formats.


  • Polyester Resin
  • Q-Cell
  • 4 oz Fiberglass
  • Bamboo Mix Sticks
  • Fin Rope
  • Sandpaper
  • Mix Cups
  • Smoothy Sheets
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