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The wax box

The wax box

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The Wax Box

Wax is essential for an epic surf sesh. Never lose yours again.

Prevents melting, goo, and messes with a unique insulation layer.

Includes a wax remover and fine-tooth comb.

  • Keep your next surf sesh mess-free
  • Made with 100% eco-friendly materials
  • Accessorize with a free sticker in each order


This insulated wax box (made from 100% eco-friendly materials) features a sliding lid, insulated interior, and room for any type of wax you’d like to keep safe and clean.

Wax is not sold with this product.

Stash Your Wax the Right Way

We've all lost our wax before or returned back after an epic sesh to find our wax in a melted puddle. Those days are a thing of the past! This compact box means you can take your wax to the beach (or anywhere else) without it getting dirty or ruined!

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