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Xm surf more special ops leash - 8ft regular

Xm surf more special ops leash - 8ft regular

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The XM SPECIAL OPS leash is an essential piece of equipment you will want to have on your next Surf Strike Mission.  XM | SURF MORE has invented the first of its kind Rail Saver Adventure Pocket to stash essential items while you're out in the water.

Stop tucking that small bar of wax into your wetsuit or other uncomfortable places and start stashing your wax into your XM Adventure Pocket conveniently located on your rail saver.  Ever wish you had some sun screen available to apply on those hot days in the lineup?  Now you can stash a sun screen stick into your XM Adventure Pocket and access it easily.  Does your stomach start growling and wished it could have a little pick me up without having to paddle all the way back into shore or the boat?  Just tuck an energy gel pack into your XM Adventure Pocket and you're good to go.  Perhaps the anchor on your boat needs to be quickly released - grab your handy utility knife out of your XM Adventure Pocket and cut the rope to get out of harms way.  Are you starting to get the picture...  the possibilities are endless.

Not only is the XM Adventure Pocket a big part of the XM SPECIAL OPS premium leash but the leash is also fully camouflaged from the strap to the rail saver, including the cord!  Another first of its kind...  XM | SURF MORE has invented new color infusion technology to put black and green stripes on a urethane leash cord in a way that has never been done before. This new proprietary color infusion technology makes it possible to have a black and green striped camouflaged surfboard leash without sacrificing any strength and performance in the cord.

We packed even more first of a kind goodness into the XM SPECIAL OPS Strap...  We call them XM Adventure Loops for tucking and holding small items that might come in handy while you're in the water or on the beach.  Just let your imagination go wild.

With extra strong XM urethane cord and superior craftsmanship you have trusted over the last 45+ years to protect your equipment and at times, your life. XM is the only company in the industry to back their leash quality and superior craftsmanship with an unrivaled 3 year warranty.  Look good. Protect your equipment. Protect your life. Worry Less. Surf More.

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