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Surf Fins: An Essential Surfboard Accessory

Surf fins are a vital part of every surfer's equipment. These hydrodynamic blades under your surfboard allow you to maneuver across the wave and gain speed. Let's dive into the basics of surf fins.

Types of Surf Fins

There are two main types of fins used for surfboards - single fins and multi-fins.

Single Fins

Old school surfboards were designed with only one large fin on the tail. Single fins provide stability but aren't as nimble. Longboarders still use this single fin setup today.

Twin Fins

Twin fins or twinnys, use two fins - an upgrade (for some surfers) from the single fins of the 1960's and 1970's. Twinnies are really popular at the moment, allowing the surfer both speed and manoeuvrability. 


Most modern surfboards have a tri fin or thruster set up with two fins towards the rail (side) of the board and one centre fin. Thrusters provide the best combo of speed, grip and manoeuvrability.

Other popular fin set ups include a quad (four fins) bonzer, twinzer and the duo. 

Surf Fin Anatomy

Surf fins have unique shapes and parts that affect performance.


The foil refers to the cross-sectional curve of the fin from top to bottom. Concave foils give more speed while convex foils provide control.


The flex of the fin impacts how much the fin will bend under pressure. Stiffer fins maintain their shape for power while flexible fins allow for tighter turns.

Choosing the Right Fins

Picking the best fin setup requires factoring in the surf conditions and your riding style. A good surf shop can help you find the perfect fins to match your board and local waves.

The right set of fins gives you the ability to slash, carve and rip across the water. With the foundation of surf fins, you'll be hanging ten or carving the waves in no time.