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Surf ratz

Surf Ratz Line-Up Kid’s T-Shirt

Surf Ratz Line-Up Kid’s T-Shirt

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Surf Ratz Line-Up Kid’s

Release the surf dude within and look great in our white Surf-Ratz Line-Up Kid’s T-Shirt. Made from 100% combed cotton, these surfer tees are perfect for those who dig the surf/skate scene. Strictly for Groms and Grommets, Surf-Ratz kid’s clothes are all American-made and available online; so upgrade your image with a click!

The Surf Ratz White Line-Up Kid’s T-Shirt features a multi-colour chest print of Curtis, Psych, Scratch, and Rokka – the 4 Surf Ratz – framed within classic surfboard shapes. An awesome choice whether you love spending your day out in the sun or chilling out at a friend’s place, the Surf Ratz Line-Up Kid’s T-Shirt range is also available in other colours; including Black, Heather Gray, and Royal Blue.

Please note: All Surf Ratz surfer tees are fully machine washable and come with an instructional care label. One little tip we have for you is that to avoid unnecessary disappointment, do not directly iron over the printed area of the shirt. Instead, turn it inside out and iron it that way (or better yet, get someone else to).

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