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Ding all

Ding All - SUP Epoxy repair kit

Ding All - SUP Epoxy repair kit

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Ding All - SUP Epoxy repair kit

The Ding All “Super” SUP repair kit can be used to repair both Polyester and Epoxy SUP’s. This kit is designed to repair all types of Dings from small to medium sized. Ding All’s 2 to 1, Epoxy resin is the same High Standard resin used to build all types of surf crafts. It’s eco-friendly and designed to withstand UV rays from yellowing. The working time is 30 minutes at 77 degrees F and cure time is 6 to 8 hours. If smaller dings are being fixed, the kit comes complete with our world famous SunCure Epoxy Fiberfill resin. Packed with fiberglass strands for strength, SunCure will get the job done in minutes after Sun/UV exposure.

Kit Includes:

* 2oz. Epoxy Resin & 1oz. Epoxy Hardener (3oz. total)
* Fiberglass Cloth
* 2 Sanding Pads (2 grade)
* Cup & Mixing Sticks
* 2 Cover Sheets
* Q-Cell Filler
*Bonus Sun Cure Epoxy Mini
* Easy Instructions

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